Linda took the time to understand my problem areas and did an exceptional job. I can’t recommend her services enough, she genuinely wants to help you.
— Michael K.
Linda is absolutely amazing. It is obvious that she cares for your health, she patiently listened, asked questions about concerns I had and made me feel so at ease before the session began. Linda put all the information together and gave me a relaxing full body massage while still working on areas of concern. Her aroma therapy was so relaxing and her techniques are top notch. She also gave me homework to work on areas that have been bothering me for which I greatly appreciate! Thank you Linda!
— Denise G.
Linda, is an amazing therapist! She is very professional, cares about her clients and their needs. She is one of the best massage therapist I’ve had. She cares about your experience and the quality of your massage. I was able to unwind during the massage after a long day of work. I highly recommend Linda Cole for a high quality massage.
— Ladasha R.

Honestly, the best massage I’ve ever had! Linda is also kind, intuitive and you will never feel rushed. What a gift!
— Maribel O.
Linda is AMAZING! The best massage hands down! I never had an Ashiatsu massage before and didn’t really know what it was. Linda did a great job explaining how it works and the benefits, so I gave it a try. It was perfect for my terrible back pain. If you like deep tissue massage you will love Ashiatsu too. She mixes many different types of massage together based on what you are looking for. Give her a try you won’t regret. Thank you very much Linda for always helping me feeling better. You are the best!!!
— Priscila C.
I have received at least 40+ hours of massages from Linda, and look forward to many more. I am a massage enthusiast (an understatement) I am very selective when it comes to choosing a therapist. She is one of the best I have ever had, and I have had at least 4000 hours of massage in the last 10 years alone......some as far away as Fiji.
— Bob B.

Linda has been a huge help! She helped me get to the point where I’m pain free of lower back pain! She is not just limited to one type of massage. She is very knowledgeable and has good advice of healthy ways to go about life. Definitely worth checking out her website to see all the options and qualifications she has completed!
— Matt M.

Linda is the most caring, compassionate massage therapist I’ve ever met. She knows exactly what you need and does it! I have never had a better massage or felt more cared for than I have with Linda, she is magical, and I highly recommend her!
— Carol K.
Linda is incredible!! I’ve seen her before, during and after my pregnancy and she always takes the best of care with me. Great hands and really elevates the entire experience!
— Alba H.
Linda is second to none.
— Stacy D.
The best massage session I have ever experienced. Her knowledge of the oils, posture, heiki are also amazing, she gave me a lot of very good advices and I’m using it in my life. I’m really gratefull for that experience and I can’t wait to going back to USA and trying Ashiatsu massage with her. Thank you Linda!
— Denise A.
I have a great experience and just love this place! Linda is a wonderful professional and such a nice person! The massage was just amazing! The place is immaculately clean and the whole atmosphere is very pleasant! I definitely will recommend her to my friends!!!
— Tereza C.
Linda Cole has an upbeat personality & is passionate about her work. She takes the best care of me by starting our session by asking how I am feeling and if there are any issues that I would like addressed. She elevates the entire experience with essential oils along with other tricks of the trade. Linda offers many different services. So far I have enjoyed her Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stones and Cupping Therapy which were all great & effective. Recently I had an issue of plantar fasciitis in my right foot. With Linda’s wealth of knowledge, she tailored my appointment by including hot stones, cupping therapy, magnesium oil and foot taping. I already felt improvement with just one session! In short, Linda is absolutely amazing and by far the best massage therapist I have ever had! Thank you Linda, for all that you do!
— Barbara M.
The entire experience was fantastic, from the moment I walked in until the time I put my shoes back on and left. Linda is amazing, and worked with me to find a combination of techniques that would best address my goals and specific physical issues. She checked in with me the day after my massage to see how things were going, which I really appreciated. I feel lucky to have had this experience!
— Jennifer J.
Linda is great! I recommend Reiki to anyone that hasn’t done it before. She’s very friendly and has a beautiful smile. She also offers massages (ashiatsu) and facials, etc...
I will definitely keep seeing her.
— Susan S.
My first visit to Holistic Vita was so amazing and unique to other massage experiences. Linda has a very warm and inviting personality. She takes a thorough assessment to find out what your needs are, and then she delivers an experience custom made for your comfort. The massage studio is designed to provide total rejuvenation and relaxation. Linda can provide any kind of massage and will also include other techniques such as Reiki if you wish. She is very knowledgeable, caring, and friendly. Holistic Vita is such a hidden gem!
— Aja J.
If My budget allowed me, I’d have a session with Linda everyday. You will immediately see her welcoming energy, passion and knowledge for her craft when you walk into her beautiful studio. Her studio is located in her home but once you walk into the studio it’s like being in a spa. She has a separate entrance for her business, a private bathroom with shower, and all the amenities a spa offers. She really thought of everything while designing her studio. Linda gets to know you on your first visit to really help understand your intentions and goals. She offers different massage styles and services and she is happy to customize your session to what works for you. Bonus: Her prices are affordable and you really get so much more than you’d expect. My expectations were exceeded and the massage and reiki were superb. She was so amazing I booked my next appointment before I left.
— Angela E.
Amazing!!! I felt alive again after just the first session. Been dealing with neck and shoulder pain for as long as I can remember. This past 2 weeks has been the worse and I just couldn’t find any relief, until I found Linda. I was able to move my neck and shoulders without pain. She’s such an incredible, caring, compassionate therapist. She took the time to get to know me and listened to my concerns, which I truly appreciated. Ashiatsu and Cupping Therapy was out of this world. Thank you so much!
— Tiffany V.
Words cannot express how wonderful Linda is! She took her time to get to know me and my needs- i didn’t feel like i was just another person. I felt like she really wanted to make me feel better. I made an appointment to have Cupping done (never had it before) and a massage- between that experience and Linda’s magic hands/feet I definitely feel a difference and can not wait to see her again!
— Krissi F.
Amazing relaxing experience! The environment is tranquil and calming. Linda is a kind and thoughtful person and she truly wants you to experience health benefits from her massage. I was apprehensive at first to try the unique Ashiatsu massage style. Linda made me feel comfortable and utilized multiple massage methods during my massage. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed. I enjoyed her cool tea and revitalizing oils and music. Thank you Linda!
— Tiffany B.
Linda was amazing. She took a lot of time to get to know me as a person. She asked questions and then really listened to my answers. Her space is inviting, safe, calm, and serene. Her massage was relaxing and I left feeling like I was floating on air. I can’t recommend her highly enough. It will be your best massage!
— Josephine M.
Linda’s spa blows the Ritz Carlton’s spa out of the water.
I would highly recommend Linda to anyone that needs relief from any type of muscle pain or discomfort,
Or if you just want a nice relaxing massage.
Linda has the strength to do light pressure to deep tissue. She has one of the most comfortable suites I have been in. Linda also offers Cupping and hot stones.
— Marc H.
She was absolutely amazing!!! Very knowledgeable and she is now my new therapist. Best experience ever!!!!!!!!!!!
— James G.
I wished they had 10 stars because Linda deserves it. I have been suffering from tendinitis in both arms. When I first went to her I could not raise my arms above my waist and today I am 96% back to normal, I could not have done it without her. I continue to visit her often as I am on a maintence program. What I love about Linda is her passion for what she does and she gets to know you and your needs. Her studio is state of the art and very inviting. If you have any ailments I highly recommend Linda as she will make you whole again. Thanks Linda for taking such good care of me and making me well again, can’t wait to see you again. 😍
— Julie E.
I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL I connected with Linda on Instagram! She is one of the most professional and caring massage therapist I’ve ever met. And as an LMT, I have met a lot! I have been training in the gym for months and developed trigger points all over my body. Linda applied the perfect pressure during the Ashiatsu massage that left me feeling absolutely amazing! I also recommend the fire cupping which helped muscles that were stubborn release. I booked sessions in advance for the next two months and I highly recommend you do the same!!! Thank you Linda! I’m eagerly anticipating our next session! Namaste
— André J. (Andre's Healing Arts)
Linda is absolutely amazing. I used to be a massage therapist and she provided a wonderful experience.... checking off all of the boxes to provide me with the ultimate massage ever! Thank you Linda for being amazing!
— Amy A.
If you’ve never tried ashiatsu you’ll never know how a deep tissue massages should feel! So heeling! Ty Linda!!
— Missy T.
It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. I’ve had lots of massages, But this was the best ever. Linda was so easy to talk to, she was very interested in your needs and what would be best for you to get the best results. I HIGHLY recommend Holistic Vita.
— Debbie Z.